Hey! a public post! Whadoyaknow?!

I'm just posting here for a mo publicly.
I still use LJ, but moved it to a friends only zone since its my personal space now a days.

But you can still follow my art work and costuming at:
Its still the best way to follow me. I also have a tumblr:

But its not that exciting. I post here and there on facebook, but nothing very profound... not to mention I think most of you guys are on my FB anyways.

So yeah. Still posting. Just private.
Cheers, all!

Happy New Ye-ACHOOO!

Happy Almost 2013!
I'm sick!
Its annoying.
I really was looking forward to ringing in another New Year with my Iron Maiden family but I really do feel like boiled over ass. Stuffed up, achey as Hell, possible fever, coughing. Oh, and at work yet again because no coverage was available...actually I just didn't even bother asking this round after the goose chase I was on before Christmas vacation. Got sick then and never could find anyone to cover for me. I just gave up asking and now I just go in and plow through it all. Its annoying but eh... not much else you can do.
Its been a busy day, surprise surprise so I am looknig forward to home. The Dayquil is starting to wear off and I'm begining to see flying elves.
I probably won't make it to the party. Honestly I rather not infect all my friends at the party though I would adore hanging with them and having a few drinks tonight. I am considering making a quick apperance, say hello, hand out a Christmas gift I have for someone, then jetting home but I'm not even sure I can even put on the happy face for that long before melting into a puddle of sickness goo. Is it sad I feel guilty I can't make it?
Hopefully this isn't an omen on what is in store for me for 2013.
Eh, I'm just being whiney. I was really hoping to have a kick ass party time tonight then start my 2013 with a good jog around the block. But for now I'd settle for my comfy bed and some Nyquil. I blame the PMS for making me so pissy about it all.
On a happier note
Regardless, I am rather excited about the new year starting. I'm excited to start my new routine, I'm excited about starting up my meditation again, I'm excited for the new projects I have sitting on on the horrizon, I'm just excited. I really hope this upcoming year is good for my friends mostly. A lot of them suffered some masty blows so I'm really sending out happy vibes to all of them.
I'm also going to make a bit more effort posting here more often. Its rater thereaputic.

Sorry about the update delay, folks. I really wanted to get two pieces done to post this week so I took a couple extra days to work on them.

I’m on my last few commissions for this round! I feel a bit like I ran a 5k… but with my pencil.

So without further ado, here are the latest two commissions on the list!

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Commissions Dumping Post

Another round of commissions I have finished! Woot!

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Quickie Post of Finished Art!

Just a quickie this week.

So much art to finish! SO MUCH!

Here are some commissions I did of various minor characters from George R. R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons; Book five in A Song of Ice and Fire series (which I LOOOOOOVE!) I’m extremely happy with how these boys came out. I usually concentrate on doing the women from ASoIF so getting a chance to draw the men was a treat!

Next update will be full of steampunky goodness. Until then, enjoy!

Ser Archibald “Big Man” Yronwood

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But may not have the time so I'm just making a wish list...
  • Go Thrift shopping
  • Possibly hit the swap meet for the Hell of it
  • Paint my front door
  • Plant another Rose bush in the back yard
  • Pick up a couple solar lights for the back yard at Target
  • Mow and weed the front yard so its all purdy
  • Poke Minion.
  • Pick up some picture frames for those awesome zombie postcards I found at SDCC
  • Poke Scout
  • Have tea in the back yard with a good book
  • Take a private walk through Balboa Park and Museum Hop.
  • Poke Max. Hope he pokes back

SDCC Recap a.k.a I Return from the DEAD!

Yeah, I really needed a week off after San Diego Comic Con. It’s a con that will wipe you out! But it was fun and totally worth it. I had a complete blast doing SCA stuff, costuming, and hanging out with wonderful friends!

First things first though. Costuming! Well it usually is all about costuming with me isn’t it? Yeaaaaahh…

Anyways, Photos of the Archer Cosplay group and of my Annabelle Leigh Langly costume from Comic Con are up over at Costumed Nonsense. You can check out the photos here!

As for SDCC, here’s some photos of the awesome times!

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Heading to Comic Con!

Just a real quickie update!

Summer always brings crazy busy times of “OMG I NEED TO GET ALL THINGS DONE AND GO TO ALL THESE INSANE EVENTS!”

… such is my way.

And my last nerd event is on the horizon and creeping up fast!

I’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con! I usually do and it’s always a great time. I mean it’s practically in my dang back yard.

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Labyrinth Ball 2012!

Oh HOLY cow, was it a good time! I mean a REALLY good time! Best LoJ yet! Here we all are; Ellyn, Me, Jen, and Ace all decked out for Friday night. I only went one night but WHAT a NIGHT! There were some of the most lovely costumes I’ve seen in all the times I’ve gone! And of course dressing up with some fantastic lady friends! I am planning on hitting LoJ next year both Friday and Saturday nights. I believe need two nights of fantasy instead of one...

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Quickie Art Dump and Commissions Update!

I had an epic weekend full of San Diego County Fair goodness!

The deep-fried Klondike Bars I loved! The poop from the worlds largest steer, not so much.

I’ve been in the land of stitchy goodness since Labyrinth of Jareth is this Friday. I am so excited! LoJ is one of my all time favorite events of the year. And for a change of pace, I’m actually finished with my costume ahead of time. Who knew? I’m guessing its the Armageddon.

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